Refinement, character, tradition, prestige, style, quality, trust, elegance, expertise, status, authenticity and more are what the name ICHIBANKAN delivers.
Therefore, people dream of one day wearing our suits.
1930 ICHIBANKAN TAILOR co., ltd was established by Minoru Watanabe.
1934 Kobikicho factory was established.
acquired the sole right to directly import fabric as a tailor.
1947 The shop curtain for ROKUMEIKAN GENRE ICHIBANKAN was completed.
1954 GINZA HYAKUTENKAI was established through
the effort of Minoru Watanabe and joined in ICHIBANKAN TAILOR co., ltd.
1957 Koujimachi factory was opened.
1958 World Fashion Study Tour by Minoru Watanabe.
1959 ICHIBANKAN trading co., ltd was established.
Omori factory was opened.
Meiji Watanabe left for his training in England (returned to Japan in 1963).
1961 Sapporo branch was established.
1964 The main shop building of ICHIBANKAN TAILOR co., ltd was completed.
Osaka branch was established.
1971 Imported "Austin London Taxi" from England.
It was equipped with an iron and repair tools, and it played an active
part in sewing on buttons and making small repairs as the service car of ICHIBANKAN TAILOR co., ltd.
1977 Minoru Watanabe became the chairman, and Meiji Watanabe became the president.
1980 ALL ENGLAND ICHIBANKAN was established.
1981 Minoru Watanabe chairman received "LUMB GOLDEN BALE," the highest award in textile industry, from the British Royal family. He was the first Japanese award winner and had an audience with Queen .
1983 Exhibited in British Royal Family Collection at city of london mansion house and had an audience with Princess Gloucester.
1985 Exhibited in British Royal Family Collection at edinburgh parliament house in the presence of the Prince of edinburgh.
1999 BESPOKE GALLERY was opened.
2003 The Ginza main shop was renovated and reopened.
2005 Participated in TOKYO-COLLECTION.
2006 IMPROVISED was opened.
2008 Present.